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Gamify your visitor event with us!

Create an engaging visitor experience

for a young and intergenerational crowd

For Who?


Museum Tour

For open house events and learning journeys with fun, immersive and gamified tours

For museums trying to appeal to a younger crowd

Outreach Activities

For social organizations reaching out to an intergenerational community

Here's how it works!

We place  / convert image markers for visitors to search and scan at every important booth or landmark using our customized app.

Players answer trivia, complete mini tasks or games specific to the landmark or booth 

Players can view the map of the event and overview of the mini quests and event schedules on the app.

Once completed, reward visitors with prizes!



Bring adrenalin and fun to your intergenerational visitors, seniors, parents and children


Save time

We help with the ideation and design so that you can save time planning, given your day job


Learning experience

For schools, students can be attached to us to contribute their work and learn softskills

How we can help

Optional: For Schools

ents can be attached during the project duration to contribute and learn:

- artwork
- project management
- game design




1. Is this an app?

A: It is a customized mobile app, which visitors can download during the event. It is not the LeggiBuddi app found on the appstore. Instead it will be custom made for you.

2. Is this for guided tours or self-directed tours?

A: Both. This solution is not to replace guides, but to help the guides bring engagement and fun to the tours. However, this can also be used to solve manpower issues when there are not enough guides, or when visitors come at odd hours, by allowing visitors to conduct their self-guided tours.

3. Does this work indoors or outdoors?

A: Both, we will rely on markers that will be placed on the tour path. Of course, we recommend placing them within the private compound, and laminated if subjected to rain. 

4. How long in advance will I need to kickstart this?

A: It depends on the complexity, but preferably at least 2 months in advance. Feel free to discuss with us.

5 I do not want my visitors to download any apps.

A: Yes, we have a non-downloadable solution that is playable over the mobile web-browser. 

6 Do you handle event-management?

A: No, we don't. We only build and support the app.

7. What about data privacy?

A: We do not collect any personal data from visitors, but rather channel them to your site, should any information be required, such as collection of prizes.

8. What is the cost like?

A: It depends on the scope, complexity and timeline of the project. However, we've made it affordable for social enterprises and schools due to our efficient infrastructure and social mission.

9. Why involve students? (For schools)

A: We've received this request from several schools, because of the learning experience and also to have the app/event personalized to showcase the students' work to the public. In return, students involved get rewarded with community points depending on the school.

Contact us!

If you are organizing any live social / community events, planning outreach or marketing activities for your organization, please contact us! We would love to work with you and develop LeggiBuddi further.

Thanks for submitting!

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